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About the Council

Page Information Updated: Monday, 25 June 2018 .


NFFE-FSC is a federal labor union authorized under Title 5, Chapter 71 of the United States Code. We are a part of the National Federation of Federal Employees, and in 1999 NFFE affiliated with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

Within the Forest Service, we represent more than 20,000 Forest Service workers stationed all across the country in 133 different organizational units from the Washington Office to Regional Offices, Forests, Research Stations, Job Corps Centers, Law Enforcement, and administrative units such as Human Resources Management, Budget and Finance, and CIO.

NFFE-FSC was formed when NFFE Local Lodges representing these diverse units came together and to form a national Council. There are 45 NFFE Local Lodges nationwide in the Forest Service, and the NFFE-FSC allows them to speak as a single voice at the national level. In this capacity, we negotiate the national NFFE-Forest Service Master Agreement and we negotiate national Memoranda of Understanding with the Forest Service.

Forest Service Council Executive Board

Updated: 18 April 2019

Name / Position Details Contact Details Locals Represented
Melissa Baumann,
Phone (w): n/a
Phone (c): 608-698-2645
FS Email: n/a
Shawn Patterson,
Phone (w): 541-496-8546
Phone (c): 541-530-9853
FS Email: shawnpatterson
Chris Berry,
Phone (w): n/a
Phone (c): 301-848-5313
FS Email: chris_berry_fsc_nffe(at)outlook.com
Terri Anderson,
R1 Vice President
Phone (w): 406-363-7112
Phone (c): 406-381-8189
FS Email: tlanderson01
60, 1241, 1295, 1398, 1521
Gerard Sandoval,
R2 Vice President
Phone (w): 719-274-632
Phone (c): n/a
FS Email: gisandoval
Max Alonzo,
R3 Vice President
Phone (w): n/a
Phone (c): 602-295-1203
FS Email: malonzo
Shawn Stanford,
R4 Vice President
Phone (w): 208-253-0125
Phone (c): 385-251-5063
FS Email: shawnstanford
125, 1753
David Alicea,
R5 Vice President
Phone (w): 530-621-5286
Phone (c): n/a
FS Email: dalicea
721, 1558, 1650, 1771, 1781, 1836, 1865, 1937, 1981, 1995, 2023, 2081, 2135, 2153, 2195
Erin Kidwell,
R6 Vice President
Phone (w): 503-630-8791
Phone (c): 509-690-6826
FS Email: ekidwell
34, 457, 642, 1968
Eric Pullium,
R8 Vice President
Phone (w): 828-837-5152
Phone (c): n/a
FS Email: epullium
Robin McCartney,
R9 Vice President
Phone (w): 906-932-1330
Phone (c): n/a
FS Email: rmccartney
2086, 2138, 2165, 2198
Nancy Soriano,
R10 Vice President
Phone (w): 907-228-6314
Phone (c): 907-617-2337
FS Email: nsoriano
Beverly Tobin-Ford,
CCC Vice President
Phone (w): 270-286-1042
Phone (c): 270-349-9549
FS Email: beverlytobinford
1697, 1840, 1855
Val Nelson,
Research Vice President
Phone (w): 801-510-6996
Phone (c): 801-510-6996
FS Email: vjnelson
276, 1950, 2066
Jessica Torres,
WO/WO-d Vice President
Phone (w): 505-563-7735
Phone (c): n/a
FS Email: jessicatorres
1919, 2196, 2197, 2200, 5300