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Page Information Updated: Wednesday, 18 September 2019 .

Legislative Alert!

Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers (CCCs) are at critical risk of being closed by the Administration. Your help is urgently needed to stop this!

  • Updated: Friday, 03 May 2019

Until recently there were 28 Civilian Conservation Centers (CCCs) operated by the Forest Service. These CCCs are funded through the Department of Labor’s (DOL's) Job Corps program to provide at-risk youth with career vocations and the technical education needed to get jobs in fields of high demand while caring for the health of our forests.

In recent years, DOL has been dealing unfairly with the Federally-operated CCCs as compared to how they treat the privately-operated Job Corps Centers, resulting in three Forest Service Centers being closed. Now, DOL is closing the Centennial CCC in Nampa, Idaho, one of the top-ranked Centers in the country, and transferring it to the State of Idaho. The Secretary of Agriculture is complicit in this quiet closure of the federally-run CCCs despite their proven track record. We believe that more CCC centers will be on the block in the coming year.

Next week, Forest Service Council representatives will be in DC talking to Congress about the issues affecting the CCCs. In preparation for those meetings, we need Union members across the country to prime the conversation by calling your House Representative and your Senators to tell them to support the Forest Service Civilian Conservation Centers.

Read the full details below. You can even download or print the PDF.