The Veterans Committee assists Local Lodges and employees on veteran's issues to ensure that their concerns are heard at the national level. The Committee also assists Local Lodges and employees on veteran's issues and compiles and elevates these issues, as appropriate, to the FSC Executive Board and/or the Forest Service Partnership Council. The Committee reviews any proposed changes that affect veterans and provides its opinion regarding the effect on veterans to the FSC Executive Board.

Veterans - Welcome Home!

We have had, or will soon have, a number of returning National Guard or Reservists rejoining us at home and in the workplace.  This website provides some extremely good advice and guidance on how to positively reintegrate those who've been away in military service.

Active Duty - Are you about to Deploy?

For those who are preparing to deploy, this checklist offered by the Navy Federal Credit Union provides excellent guidance:

Veterans Committee Members

Updated: - 01 February 2017

Name / Position Title Contact Details

Dave Chevalier - Chair

Phone (w): 801-975-3359
Phone (c): 801-641-6819

Robert Alexander

Phone (w): 801-625-5470
Phone (c): n/a

Mike Hinton

Phone (w): 530-279-8335
Phone (c): 530-569-0384

Emma Haselden

Phone (w): 541-278-3855
Phone (c): n/a

Michel G. Mouzong

Phone (w): 503-808-2872
Phone (c): n/a

Regina Mundell

Phone (w): 303-275-5923
Phone (c): n/a

Noonan Phifer

Phone (w): 256-362-7000
Phone (c): 256-493-6243

Nancy Soriano

Phone (w): 907-228-6314
Phone (c): 907-617-2337

Raymond Slayton

Phone (w): 907-828-3261
Phone (c): n/a

Sean Thomas

Phone (w): 541-899-3820
Phone (c): 541-326-2516

Walter Thompson

Phone (w): 803-725-0937
Phone (c): 803-221-1081

Darlene Walls

Phone (w): 703-605-4780
Phone (c): n/a

Gabe Witham

Phone (w): 406-495-3915
Phone (c): 406-439-0282



Veterans Resources - Local

Veterans Resources - External



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