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Page Information Updated: Tuesday, 02 January 2024

Why would I want to join the union?

Your decision to join NFFE may be based on philosophical reasons, ensuring that you get the full benefits of representation, obtaining access to benefits available to union members, or a combination of these reasons.

  1. It’s the right thing to do: Many workers join simply because they understand that the Union brings value for all Forest service workers through negotiating over conditions of employment, lobbying in Congress in support federal employee pay and benefits, and holding management accountable for taking action in an equitable and legal manner. These workers view it as the right thing to do to ensure that the Union can continue to provide benefits for all workers, even if they don’t ever expect to need direct Union assistance on any workplace matters. You know how this works in other areas in your life:
    • You don’t HAVE to give blood to get blood;
    • You don’t HAVE to donate to a church to get attend and receive spiritual guidance;
    • You don’t HAVE to be a good neighbor to live in a good neighborhood.
    Many benefits that Federal employees now take for granted were fought and won by Federal sector unions: i.e. pay raises; benefits; holiday, sick and annual leave; retirement systems; protection from unfair labor practices; the ability to defend against unfair disciplinary practices; and fairness in promotions and job assignments. These benefits are under constant attack, and joining your Union is the right thing to do to support an organization who supports you every day in your role as a Federal employee.
  2. To ensure full benefits of representation: By now, it should be clear that for matters covered by the Master Agreement, your Union must provide representation, whether you join the Union or not. But those who join the Union get the full benefits of representation:
    • Only members can participate in votes that serve to direct the Local Lodge (Union) with regards to issues.
    • Only members can vote for the Union officers and serve as Officers and Stewards
    • The Union does not have to represent non-members in issues outside of the Master Agreement, such as EEO Cases, Workplace Injuries (OWCP), Merit Systems Protection Board, Whistleblower Complaints, and more.
  3. The Perks: The Union has worked with a number of organizations to obtain benefits that are only available to Union members. These include:
    • Disability, dental, vision plans offered for NFFE members
    • Union Plus benefits and discounts, including everything from discounts on flowers, tires, insurance, travel, and even pet insurance. https://www.unionplus.org/
    • Free college programs for Union members and their families
    • Scholarships available only to Union members and their families
    • Support for Union members and family members who are facing addiction issues, including assessment, placement into a treatment facility, follow up, and aftercare.

Dues for 2024 are $33.62 per pay period. If you educate yourself about what Union has done for you (and continues to do), you will see that it merits your support and participation. Get engaged and help chart the course of your Local Lodge!!

How do I Join?

Joining the Union is simply a matter of completing the SF-1187 form (please write legibly!) and sending it to your Local Union official. It authorizes the National Finance Center to deduct your dues from your pay and to send it to the National Federation of Federal Employees.

Submit the completed 1187 Form to a local Union Representative.