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Page Information Updated: Sunday, 24 March 2024

Forest Service Council - Committee Chairs

Updated: 24 March 2024

Committee Name Committee Chair (Co-Chair) Contact Details
Civil Rights Kenith Delesline Phone (w):
Phone (c):
USDA Email: kenith.delesline@usda.gov
Communications Dennis Lapcewich Phone (w): 360-953-1347
Phone (c): 360-953-1347
USDA Email: dennis.lapcewich@usda.gov
Fire (Co-Chair) Abelardo Martinez Phone (w): 661-435-2030
Phone (c): 661-478-4285
USDA Email: abelardo.martinez@usda.gov
Fire (Co-Chair) Joshua Northrup Phone (w):
Phone (c): 509-630-6875
USDA Email: joshua.northrup@usda.gov
Grievance Nancy Soriano Phone (w): 907-228-6314
Phone (c): 907-228-6314
USDA Email: nancy.soriano@usda.gov
Legislative Lloyd (Buzz) Hettick Phone (w):
Phone (c):
USDA Email: lloyd.hettick@usda.gov
Membership Andy Vanderheuel Phone (w): 989-739-0728
Phone (c): 906-209-0139
USDA Email: warner.vanderheuel@usda.gov
Negotiations Carl Houtman Phone (w): 608-231-9445
Phone (c): 608-354-4834
USDA Email: carl.houtman@usda.gov
Safety Randy Meyer Phone (w):
Phone (c): 530-503-5964
USDA Email: randy.meyer@usda.gov
Safety (Co-Chair) Denice Edgar Phone (w): 530-841-4438
Phone (c): 530-598-4170
USDA Email: denice.edgar@usda.gov
Training Linda Peterson Phone (w): 906 428-5840
Phone (c): 906 280-4769
USDA Email: linda.a.peterson@usda.gov
Veterans David Shanley-Dillman Phone (w):
Phone (c): 541-435-4264
USDA Email: david.shanley-dillman@usda.gov